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All I want is a little window of your time, a priority in your day.  Feeling like an ignored overlooked doormat is making me crazy and CLEARLY wasting my time.  Yet I hear Be Still, Love him more, in the quietness that is my soul.  I am moment to moment living in a tornado yet you think the day is beautiful….

Give give give give…I’m tired, I’m sick, I’m so so tired….Don’t you see it?  EVER?? Don’t you see that you are wearing me thin yet you are living like a King, boasted about among others, and unconditionally loved that I am beginning to think you don’t even know what unconditional love means.  I say I’m over it yet I stay….Ohhh I love you so much it hurts.  When will anything ever be about me? Will I ever be a Priority to someone?  It hurts, BAD.   You have no clue even though I’ve told you 73 times how I feel.  I blabber through words fore they have always been my closest companion.  But it would be nice to talk to you.  Where did you go Who have you become? when will man realize that $$$$$$ is not what LIFE IS ABOUT!  So damn frustrated, so unnecessary