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God will not rush your healing.

And God will not rush your growth.

God is okay with where you are right now. He’s not tapping his toe impatiently. He’s not looking at his watch with a sigh.


Like a breath of fresh sea morning air,  God reminds me that He sees Our POTENTIAL, our future.  As long as I keep chugging along, Clinging to HIM for my comfort, it doesn’t matter that I am still a sinner, still failing every single day.  Sigh….Just as He promised God so graciously gives me a little more courage, little more of His strength & kind patience each day.  Music fills my thoughts these days instead of torment, I can hear each one so clear, & each one is one of my favorites & each has a message, a sweet riddle from my Heavenly Father.  Securing me with an everlasting comfort & peace that HE IS dwelling within my soul… And each day He reveals more of His Mosaic that He is creating from all of the broken pieces that have become ME….

He has made everything beautiful in its time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)