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I will be the first to admit.  People can reeeeally get on my nerve. I feel certain I had to get hit by every branch of the anxiety tree & I have only 1 nerve remaining.  I’ve always been on edge, like nails on the chalkboard, everyday.  But lately in this quiet season that God has placed in my life, I am trying to give out more smiles.  Hey if people insist on staring at my “wild” curly hair, then the least I can do is Knock Em’ off their feet with a ;).  As I think about the last few times I have been out & about, it almost seems that more people are smiling at me.   I CHOOSE 2 BELIEVE that God sends me “little gifts” of His comfort & reassurance that He is with me every single day.  With eyes of better clarity, ears that listen & pay closer attention, & a more quiet tongue, He comes to me in all forms.  I submerge myself in His promises, reading is my addiction.  Lost in a song is my escape.

My faith just got misplaced because we all make mistakes….You see, I am still me.  Still curse when I shouldn’t, & yes I want Another tattoo. I am still a sinner BUT now see with more Clarity, hear with better Discernment, & listen with a more quiet attention.