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Like a unending rollercoaster, emotions, moods, thoughts, LIES, consume my day.  Oh how many Blessed days from the Lord I have wasted.  I must pray for forgiveness when I feel that I, AGAIN, have wasted another BLESSED DAY that the LORD has given not only me but my Child. 

Then it washes over me like cool spring water “You, do NOT have to be Perfect”“Quit trying to do everything yourself”.

But how? I love the Lord My GOD with all of my being but I am still a sinner.  Every. Day.  And guilt weighs me down, shadows the light that is Me, so that I can’t ever seem to shine.  My mind always seems blank on ways to set the bags down, worry has always been a very close friend.  And to let it go? Like a snap of a finger? My thoughts are like nightmares during the day, then come the nightmares at night. 

Emotions so strong I feel that they are suffocating me.   Fear, worry, uneasiness consumes my days.  Always have. 

Yet,  the fear isn’t as strong, the worry doesn’t linger as long, and the uneasiness seems to slip away just as fast as it slips in.  GLORY BE TO GOD!!! For it is because of HIS marvelous Grace that I am beginning to deal a little better each day with these agonizing emotions. 

♥Thank you Father, for your love, mercy & Saving Grace♥