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       ♥ Like a unexpected, Beautiful Dream, YOU seem to be there at Just The RIGHT Time…Gentle as a snowflake, but OH so Much Mightier than a hurricane…Me….And Peace begins to wash over me like the sea…
A BAD attitude, really, will do nothing but make any and every day BAD….AND, I have learned so (stubbornly) is that YOUR bad attitude is really only damaging YOU!!  I am finally beginning to see that change does start within me.  You can not use sour fruit in hopes of getting GOOD fruit during harvest….  What good fruit can ripen within me if I am so sour and bitter…All…Of..The..Time!   I am so sick in tired of being sick in tired of a BAD NEGATIVE UNPRODUCTIVE ATTITUDE.  I am truly over my own self.   But as a Mother I must keep going, so I HAVE TO GET OVER MYSELF!     
Oh but how Lord
Seconds after I  cry out, you are there like the Shepherd to a lost, strayed and tired lamb.   Whispering words into my heart, Songs in my  head,  words of Your promises  that tell me I am where I am supposed to be, right now, this very day of this very year in MY life.  Reassuring me that I am not here JUST to feel scared, afraid, alone, angry…..
And that maybe just maybe this has and is a season for me to move closer to Him…My season of REST,  alone, and feeling I have no one I 100% trust I have had NO CHOICE but to Lean on to My Heavenly FATHER.  
                    Lord, you are my closest companion, my comfort, my Hope.  I ask to feel your comfort tight around me each time the ghosts of loneliness, that bring insecurity, anger, overananalyzing  and despair try to surround me.   For you Lord, are the Only one that understands  ME, because you are a God of Hearts, who only looks and is concerned with My (and YOURS!!) heart…….Amazing Grace